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Malta Ship Photos
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Welcome to, Malta's largest online ship photo gallery. 
The site features a collection of aircraft, vehicles and aerial photos.  All photos on this website were taken by Capt Lawrence Dalli and his team of professional photographers.
We are continually updating new photographs so the number is growing all the time. Should you be interested to purchase high resolution images of any photo even ones that are not uploaded here kindly call us or email us.
There is no way that photographs from this website will be downloaded or used on other websites without a written permission by Capt. Lawrence Dalli. Once this is found a 300 penalty fee has to be paid for infringing copyright.

15028 photo folders online!

latest photo additions to
Phoenix II - 11.05.2018 Antonio Meucci - 11.05.2018 Dalby Ribble no 2 - 05.06.2018 Dalby Ribble no 1 - 05.06.2018 Norwegian Spirit - 05.06.2018 P61 LE Samuel Beckett - 05.06.2018 Golden Bay - 19.06.2018
Elandsgracht - 06.06.2018 High Speed Transfers, UK HST Hudson - 18.06.2018 Yuyo Spirits sts with Gas Ray - 21.06.2018 Golden Bay Cement, Germany Golden Bay - 05.06.2018 Fassa - 05.06.2018
Umut - 16.06.2018 Edro IV - 26.04.2018 Edro IV - 22.05.2018 Lundy Sentinel - 16.06.2018 VOS Partner and VOS Patience - 21.06.2018 Gafur Mammadov - 16.06.2018 NS Sabina - 18.06.2018
exclusive photos by Capt. Lawrence Dalli