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Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos Naval Movements Logs start from October 1977. For further information kindly contact Capt. Lawrence Dalli directly via email.



viii) On Wednesday 21st November @ 1000 hrs the German Navy Bremen Class Frigate FGS AUGSBURG F 213 is leaving Valletta from Bormla Wharf at Palumbo Malta Shipyard. 

ix) On Wednesday 21st November @ 0900 hrs the French Navy D'Estienne D'Orves Class OPV FS ENSEIGNE DE VAISSEAU JACOUBET F 794 is leaving Valletta from Pinto 3 Wharf.

x) On Friday 30th November the SNMCMG 2 Flagship, German Navy Elbe Class support ship FGS RHEIN A 513 is calling Valletta berthing at Pinto 3 Wharf.

xi) On Friday 30th November the Spanish Navy Segura Class Mine Countermeasures vessel  ESPS TURIA M 34 is calling Valletta.



i) On Monday 3rd December @ 1000 hrs FGS RHEIN A 513 is due to leave Valletta from Pinto 3 Wharf.

ii) On Monday 3rd December ESPS TURIA M 34 is due to leave Valletta.

iii) Either Tuesday 11th or Wednesday 12th December the Royal Navy Echo Class Hydrographic Ship HMS ECHO H 87 is leaving Valletta from boat House Wharf at Palumbo Malta Shipyards.